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Stop hiding ugly paper and start making the perfect cut

  • Eliminate jagged, ripped edges
  • Safe and fun to use

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Make the Most of
Your Wrapping Paper

Wrapping gifts can be a fun and exciting part of the holiday season, but it can also feel like a time-consuming chore if you don’t have the right tools on hand.

Add WrapSlice to your supplies of paper, sticky tape, name tags, and bows, and make the most of the holiday tradition. Perfect your wrapping skills by having WrapSlice at the ready.

The Easiest Way to Cut Through the Headache
of Wrapping Gifts

There’s a reason why malls offer gift-wrapping services. Now, anyone can be a pro with WrapSlice! Put
away the utility knife and eliminate the risk of unwanted damage. Spare your hand along with the wear
and tear on your scissors with a compact cutting tool designed specifically for the job.

The Perfect Tool for Any

  • Easy to use
  • WrapSlice is engineered to produce a perfectly-straight cut every time. The wide comfort grip prevents your hand from cramping up for a smooth, continuous motion. One steady pull is all it takes!
  • Safe
  • Scissors are a concern when there are little fingers about, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include the kids in your next gift-wrapping session! WrapSlice wisely conceals the blade to ensure the only cuts being made are to the wrapping paper.
  • Smart Storage
  • Dealing with gift wrap means handling the rolls it comes on. WrapSlice features an oversized design to accommodate larger quantities of decorative paper. Once you’re finished, WrapSlice can be used to grip onto any leftover rolls for tidy storage.

How to Use WrapSlice

1. Positioning WrapSlice

Pull out the edge of the wrapping paper. Place WrapSlice onto the end of the tube.

2. Starting the Cut

Ensure the blade catches the edge of the paper. Run the unit across the wrap in one smooth motion.

3. Finishing the Cut

Continue the cut until WrapSlice slides off the opposite end.

Smart Design for
Super Results

No matter your level of skill, WrapSlice allows anyone to slide their way to presentable looking gifts. Stay merry this season
with a fun and festive WrapSlice for all your wrapping needs.

Get the Holiday Helper You Can Always Count On

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What People Are Saying

Get Ready to Wrap

“As a seasoned gift wrapper, I’m thankful for the convenience WrapSlice provides. Once I got the hang of it, I was slicing through rolls like butter. Now I have one more reason to look forward to the Christmas season. Bring on the presents!”

Patricia B. - Phoenix

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Average Rating






Joyce C.

“I enjoy the month of December more than just about anyone I know. For me, the gift isn’t just about what’s inside, it’s about the presentation. I love nothing better than turning on the Christmas tunes, sipping eggnog, and wrapping presents. I received a WrapSlice for my birthday not long ago and now I have a new tool in my arsenal. I love it!”

Mike A.

“I ordered a couple of these things for my family. Now my son and I can help out whenever gifts need to be wrapped. It’s fun to use. My wife even uses WrapSlice for her crafting projects. Good little gadget!”

Beatrice F.

Returned Cleaner when I picked them Up

“My arthritis makes it tough to use scissors for cutting long rolls of paper. Thanks to WrapSlice, I can continue the tradition of wrapping up Christmas presents for all my grandchildren. No more sore hands on Christmas eve.”

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Bring the Joy Back to Gift

  • Eliminate jagged, ripped edges
  • Safe and fun to use

Get 50% OFF your order when you purchase today!

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  1. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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